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You Are About To Discover Secrets Most Doctors Will Never Know on How To Help More People (Even Your Most Difficult Cases)… Address More Conditions… and Stop Constantly Treating the Same Symptoms Over and Over Again



Give Us One Weekend And We Will Show You How To Change Your Patient's Lives Forever And Work Near Miracles, Even If You've Tried Other Cranial Techniques Before And You Don't Believe A Word We Say



·     Master the most advanced craniospinal technique ever devised ... and revolutionize your practice


·        Help your toughest, most difficult cases get their mobility, health and energy back... and lighten your work load at the same time


·        Successfully treat dozens more conditions than previously possible... with a simple procedure done in minutes


·        Work less and make more money



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What Doctors Are Saying...


"If you are serious about helping more people, addressing more conditions and not constantly treating the same symptom over again because it always comes back -- do NCi"                               

- Janice Jones, DC, Phoenix, AZ



"This course is paramount in relaxing the dura, being easier on both the patient and practitioner than other approaches."   

- Dr. Peter Mulyk, Vancouver, B.C.



"In these days of a cash practice -  a tool such as NCi puts you in that position."

- Dr. Villalobos  El Monte,



"The 3 Day program was structured in such a way that you will be able to go into your office on Monday morning and use NCi with confidence and immediately begin making a positive impact on your patient's lives."

- Dr. Russ Horine, Salinas,CA



"Excellent training, felt proficient at end of seminar, able to use Monday morning. Technique is more gentle, comfortable with more profound release and feelings of change. FEELS RIGHT!"

- Mark Niblett, D.C.  Mukilteo, WA


Compared to other technique seminars..."Quick flow, simple and a lot of personal attention"..."I liked the informal setting of this seminar, it created a positive learning environment."



"I would recommend this seminar to any doctor who wants to go above and beyond...there is more personal attention (than other hands-on seminars)"

- Dr. Spiros Cavelaris  West Hills,CA



"I would stress that cranial work is one of the most effective things that a doctor can do for their patients and that NCi is at the top of the cranial field in research and integrity."

- Michael Marchese, D.C.  Spokane,WA



Now It's Your Turn - Learn The Most Advanced, Revolutionary Neuro Cranial Technique Ever...  GO CRANIAL!



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 "Had a great time, learned the technique, met some great people and opened my eyes to a new way of seeing the cranium" Matt Colman,DC   San Francisco, CA

"This is by far the best cranial seminar that I have attended. The shortened the learning curve by far." John Gauruder,DC    Utah

"I had a great time and feel like I now have something that I can use right away to potentially change someone's life, physical and emontional experience"
Alexander Khanin,DC  San Francisco, CA

If you would like to help the patient by involving ALL  the nervous system, this is definitely the approach. Virginia Handley, DC (65 years experience) San Jose, CA

 New and effective method of releasing dural tension. I was impressed with the research and the mechanism of addressing the dura. Tom Stuebe, DC San Diego, CA

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